December 2018

Poji, Poda

For other spaces event at Endrosia, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Short Film, 20 seconds

Cognition of humanity in its substance emerges through space and the spatial experience of the senses. French theorist Michel Foucault explores the concept of space as a tangible and intangible phenomenon with his theory Heterotopia, he describes how space forms one’s fundamental comprehension of their individual identity. Through our understanding, space can be found within crucial fragments of life.

Ποζί, Ποδά which translates to Over There, Over Here is a journey of physical and mental state which explores the ideas surrounding space, its form and its properties primarily through the use of colour. Creating a transparency through embodying the relationships within the hues of each fuse, we are presenting a set of stop motion images in an abstract fluid form.

The piece was presented at the opening of 'Other Spaces' at Endrosia. An artists collective in Nicosia, Cyprus. The collective aims to initiate social-driven art projects, that experiment with philosophical and historical concepts that critique and confront the constructs of Cypriot society.

Creative direction & Photography Alexandros Xenophontos /@alexandrosxenophontos
Styling Nicola Joseph /@niflop
Film Editing & Model Doris Mari Demetriadou /@dorismaridem

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