October 2020

“It’s nice, but I can’t stay”

Digital Illustrations

Considering the multidimensional nature of the self-concept, the caricature characters and the cautionary tales they accompany explore affective states arising in our everyday. 

The illustrations were created through abstract free-hand drawings and developed digitally through free association.

“... and as she sat there, gazing into her eyes, rigorous pulsations plummeting through her, memories of their first night together came flooding in.

It was the concierge that made the introductions. For that, he is a kind man - but any-who, that’s beside the point.

It wasn’t love at first sight, I’ll tell you that for sure. I mean for Pam, sure. After all, becoming a mistress via remittance was not what had began their affair. It was rather her altruistic nature.

Millions had praised her, heck even billions. But right now.. she was Annabelle’s, and hers only.

However, something was off. This time, it wasn’t the same.

I mean sure, considering her life dominated the most routine of existences, this was a sweet exchange. But her deep rooted malaise was something she couldn’t quite grasp. A weakness of the mind perhaps..

But they stayed up, until the early morning, and they had had a nice evening... they had had a nice evening.”,
Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration

“Oscillating between weeping and keeping his composure, Mr. Gustafsson has to put his thinking cap on.

For his keys are mocking him, and he is no fool.”
Digital Illustration
“Bereft she sat there all afternoon, a witness to her own thinking”,
Digital Illustration

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