December 2022

In collaboration with Byron Macrides for Writing and Game Strategy Design.

For six stacks of ashes, eight piles of dust exhibition at Endrosia, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Metal, Acrylic, Plastic, Sticker, Paper
130cm x 90cm x 85cm

A Body in Habitus attempts to separate the sacred soul from the sacred body, so as to be able to contemplate its habitus. It takes reference from interviews, written activities, walks, and conversations within Trikoupi street, but sidesteps the factual. In the guise of a board game, it forms a mythos of the street, teasing whimsy and the undercurrent conscience of its citizens and players.

Citizen Token: A Citizen is a player-body that wanders Trikoupi street. Their ultimate goal is to clarify their Habitus, the embodied conditions of their being. Via player-driven narratives, they risk death as a rite of a passage into:
Spirits: The memory realm. Spirits seek out the temporal extension of the Habitus. In collaboration with Citizens, they manifest the street’s collective remembrance so as to transform into:  
Sacred Souls: These are the vessels to the underworld of the Habitus. They materialise the citizens’ hidden, unfulfilled desires.

The aim of the game is to supplant the street’s reality with one’s tendency of soul.

Images by Antonia Maria Nicolaides taken on the opening of the exhibition ‘six stacks of ashes, eight piles of dust’.

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